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Sorry, but due to the COVID-19 Social Distancing and Lockdown restrictions all Spokes Rides are cancelled until further notice.

If you're feeling fine, go out for a bike ride and enjoy the fresh air.

Hope to see you when it's all over.

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Good turnout today, 15 people started out for Beecraigs Country Park in West Lothian. It was very nice to see you all, thanks very much for turning up. hope you all enjoyed the trip.

Very cold morning with haar very prevalent. I had three destinations in mind, Peebles, Beecraigs Country Park and East Lothian was another. However the satellite (not of love, weather) showed a great deal of cloud, stretching down to Hawick. Then someone mentioned that Bo'ness was reported as being sunny. Haar being an east coast phenomenon, I decided to head west. We headed down to Fountainbridge, down Dalry Road, along Murieston Crescent to  Russell Rd and on to the cycle path to join National Route 1 at Roseburn. No punctures this month, At New Burnshot, up the cycle path from Cramond Brig, we turned off route 1 to follow a minor road to access the Railway Path to Kirkliston. From Kirkliston, we went past the old Drambuie factory, turning left just after the motorway bridge to take the minor road to Niddry.

We turned left on to the B8020, zigzagging through Bings before taking a minor road, past Newbigging Craig to Ecclesmachan. Unfortunately the haar still hadn't lifted, so we didn't see it. At Ecclesmachan, 2 people decided to return home, the rest turned right then left to connect with another minor road to West Binny. At West Binny, the haar was very thick, we could hardly see anything. We turned right here, following another minor road for 800 m to then turn left on to the road that goes through The Wilderness, which was, unfortunately, obscured by haar. At South Mains, we turned right, then left on to Beecraigs road. We arrived there at 12:30.

It was agreed that we should go through the Park, where we arrived at the BBQ area, where we had our lunch, shrouded in haar. One person phoned a friend in Edinburgh, it was sunny there. Usual lunchtime conversations ensued.

After lunch, feeling cold, we headed home at 1:30pm. We took another track through the park, coming out near the Visitor Centre. Fortunately, at that point, the sun also decided to pay us a visit. So we followed a minor road going past Wester and Little Ochiltree. At the junction of the B8046, the scenery decided to join us, giving lovely views of the Forth Bridges, and the lower half of the Ochils. We headed down through Faucheldean to Winchburgh, where we were joined by local youths on BMX bikes. They tried to join our bike ride, but we persuaded them not too, despite impressive display of braking power being displayed. From Winchburgh we headed back through Niddry to Kirkliston. Sun shining ever brighter.

At Kirkliston, we turned for Newbridge, using the cycle path, then using the bridge, stopping to look at the new lighting on the Edinburgh Airport runway, and watching a plane take off. We joined the B7030 for a wee while, then taking the minor road to Ratho (and the Edinburgh Canal Centre) When we reached the canal, 9 of us decided to avail ourselves of the facilities of the local hostelry and lay on the frshley cut grass at the Ratho Inn, as it was only 3pm. The other 4 left for home.

At 4pm, we departed the Inn for home, in glorious sunshine, following the canal in to Edinburgh.

A brilliant ending to the ride. Thanks to all who turned up.

Ride Stats

Distance             68.7 km (42.7 miles)
Total Alt climbed   677m (2221 feet)
Average Speed        18.3 km/h (11.4 mph)
Time Spent in Saddle  4 hours
Max Temperature      26 deg C (78.8 deg F)

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