Next Spokes Ride

Sunday 3rd July 2022. Meet at 10:00 outside the Usher Hall, Lothian Rd.

Destination to be decided on Wednesday. Distance will be around 70km (42 miles). Lunch in a café.
Please check your bike before the ride, i.e. tyre pressure, chain and brakes. Bring some money for emergencies and café stops and/or post ride refreshments. Don't forget snacks to keep your energy levels up and a drink to consume en-route.
Don't forget to bring a small toolkit to fit your bike and a spare inner tube in case you get a puncture. It is much easier to replace the tube than to repair a tube, especially if you have a slow puncture.
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Copper and Gold, Purple, Red and Green on a Blue Background.

"Fiery colors begin their yearly conquest of the hills, propelled by the autumn winds. Fall is the artist." ~ Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata, Animal Crossing: Wild World, 2005

About fourteen, or sixteen, people, the number varied, turned up for the November Spokes Ride. After the disappointment of the weather, especially on Saturday afternoon in Edinburgh, Sunday was beautifully sunny, although quite cold. A lovely day for a bike ride. There were three options available, an Aberdour Ride, a north Edinburgh Ride and a guide yourself. I split people up in to different groups, allowing the shorter North Edinburgh ride to go off first. The only panic was leaving my mobile at home. Once the short ride had left, we set off for Aberdour.


Wonderful views riding my bicycle produces autumn bliss

"If I can just keep riding, thru wind and rain and sun
I might return to that special place, where I think that I begun" ~
The Endless Ride

Nine people turned up for a lazy autumn ride to Leadburn. As I was returning from the cash machine, the BBC weather forecast was being shown on the large screen in Festival Square. According to them, it wasn't going to be a good day on the bike. Heavy rain until 3pm. It was already raining, but very lightly. I suppose we could get to the pub quickly and then sit out the rest of the rain then head home, but we are not all racers, so the most direct route, nice and easy. Then we'll see how it goes from there.


A Lazy Sunny Sunday

"The mode of locomotion should be slow, the slower the better, and be often interrupted by leisurely halts to sit on vantage points and stop at question marks." ~ Carl Sauer, in a 1956 president's address to the Association of American Geographers

Thirteen 13 people turned up for a wonderfully pleasant, and lazy, summer ride to Linlithgow with some lovely late summer, or early autumn, scenery. The breeze assisted us up the hills, there was no rain and we outsmarted the breeze on the way back by using NCR 76 through the wooded Estates of Hopetoun and Dalmeny. Oh, and the sun shone for most of the time.


Unfortunately persistant light rain is forecast until after lunch, so today's Spokes Summer ride is cancelled.



"When a cyclist roams freely on his steely steed in the Godly world of nature, his heart rises and he bewonders the splendor of creation." ~

A cool ride down to the Usher Hall, despite the thermometer registering 11 deg C, the NE wind was extremely keen. Twenty four keen people turned up to go to Aberlady in East Lothian. There was cloud, but it is May, light is more apparent. There are a few thousand runners in the city.

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