Next Spokes Ride

The next Spokes Ride will be on Sunday 7th January 2018. Meet 10:00am at on Lothian Road outside the Usher Hall.

Destination East Lothian. Slightly hilly ride, but not too much. Distance about 35 mi. Pub Lunch, so please use the Contact page to notify me.

Please check your bike before the ride, i.e. tyre pressure, chain and brakes. Bring some money for lunch, emergencies and possible café stops or post ride refreshments. Don't forget snacks to keep your energy levels up and a drink to consume en-route.
Don't forget to bring a small toolkit to fit your bike and a spare inner tube in case you get a puncture. It is much easier to replace the tube than to repair a tube, especially if you have a slow puncture.

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Thanks to all who turned up on Sunday, we went to Aberdour in Fife in absolutely glorious - for November - weather. Not a cloud most of the time only a few spots of rain in Aberdour & no wind that mattered. Leaves on the trees were a bright yellow and red. A lovelyday to be out on the bike.

Stef, Jenny & Neil had picnic at the beach with Mark & skipped the pub lunch in the Cedar - which looked very good & returned early. Mike - we did wonder which boat was you beneath the bridge - excellent sailing weather.

Unfortunately those who left early will have missed out on St. Bridget's Chapel, Dalgety Bay which we visited for 15 mins on the way back. It has in the grounds, some of the earliest examples of grave stones for normal people. Not the fancy stonework with flowers, crosses etc that we have today thanks to the Victorians obsession with death, but skull and crossbones, where the pirates got the idea for the Jolly Roger and also trademarks, especially those of the stonemasons buried there. Excellent views across the Forth, as you will see tonight.

The latest Spokes newsletter is now available online and soon in cycle shops. Please follow the link below to get access to it. You may like to note the item about council underspending on cycle routes. Now is the time to contact your local councillor to find out why. Please do it, as it does have results.

After discussion. Neil and I have decided to wait a few months before setting up a mailing list. Please let Neil or myself know if we have the wrong email address or you prefer a different email address or (shock horror!!!) you do not want these emails.Anyway, we now know who ? is.

Thanks again for the good company on Sunday and I'm glad you enjoyed the route.

Route was Usher hall - Roseburn path - Cramond - Dalmeny  - S. Queensfery - bridge & Fife coastal path- back by much the same.(including a small detour for 3 musketeers north of the bridge) . Distance from teh Usher Hall was about 45 miles.

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